Refurbishment of Threepenny Bit

Funded by the Community Economic Development Fund

Refurbishment Work at the Threepenny Bit

The Threepenny Bit has undergone a facelift due to a grant awarded to CoStar by the Community Economic Development fund.  This fund was set up to help community projects and organisations like ours to make improvements to the services they offer.  We were delighted to be awarded £50,000 from the fund to make improvements to the Threepenny Bit.  The much needed refurbishment has made a huge difference to the centre and will benefit a great many people in the community for many years to come.  The centre is around 50 years old and was badly in need of a facelift.  Samantha Sollis, CED grant administrator, visited the Threepenny Bit to see the progress of the works and take a look at the difference the grant has made. 

Progress Report

The former ladies toilets have now been transformed into a bright new office with a window overlooking the car park.  The original kitchen of the centre is now a disabled toilet and the former gents toilets have been re-fitted as the ladies toilets.

We have bricked up a panel at the back of the centre and fitted a new glass door in the main office leading to the back of the centre and providing some natural light into the office.  At the rear of the centre we will be constructing a storage area which will be useful for storing equipment.



Before and After

The Beginning of the Project ………

The work on the Threepenny Bit began in December 2011 when Bron Afon kindly donated and fitted a purpose built kitchen for us in what was a storage area at the back of the hall. Improvements to the ageing centre were long overdue as it had fallen into disrepair and was badly in need of updating.  The photos below show how much difference the improvements have made.  The wonderful kitchen supplied by Bron Afon, together with the facelift they gave to the office area enabled CoStar to move our operation permanently into Threepenny Bit and make it our home.  Since 2012 we have operated all our services from the centre and it has been a turning point in the work of CoStar, enabling us to provide a much more effective service to the local community. 

The money from the CED grant has enabled us to transform the building into a much brighter, more efficient and pleasant community space that better serves the community.  We have been able to carry out repairs to the roof and balcony, modernize the toilets, replace the doors at the front of the building, create more office and storage space and make the building more secure.  We are delighted with the work which is being carried out by Davies Timber (Wales) Limited.  Our thanks go to everyone who has made this project possible.


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