Memories of Greenmeadow

by Steven Goddard

Steven was born in Sheffield and came to Cwmbran around 1967.  His parents heard that Cwmbran Development Corporation were building houses and applied for one.  They were housed in 15 Deerbook, a 5 bedroomed house.

Steven remembers the first time they came down to see the house.  The estate was nicknamed ‘Little Jerusalem’ due to the flat-roofed houses.  His dad thought they would be able to sit out on the roof like in the Mediterranean!  His was a bit disappointed this was not the case!

The estate was built from the bottom up with building gradually progressing up the hillside.  Steven remembers nothing above the Pantry Shop when he first arrived.

Steven had many friends on the estate, whom he later lost contact with and has always regretted that.  There were wonderful adventures to be had in the surrounding fields and woods and games to be played.  They even had their own football team – Byways United!

He remembers all the different accents on the estate as people came from all over the UK to live in the ‘new town’ – the only one to be built in Wales.  A lot of families moved in together all at the same time and all blended together remarkably well.  Children developed a sense of ‘identity’.  “We were all one big gang and this was our estate”.

It was a great place to grow up!



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