Memories of Greenmeadow

by Cathy Jones

Cathy lived in 25 Clyffes until just before her 5th birthday in 1971.  She remembers going to a street party for Prince Charles’ Investiture and watching the moon landing in her living room in 1969.  She also remembers attending a children’s Christmas party at the Threepenny Bit.

There were monkey bars near the house that she used to play on and a family near the play area had a parrot, which she could hear squawking.  On cold mornings, she enjoyed sitting in front of the heating vent just outside the kitchen with a cup of tea while reading ‘Twinkle’ magazine.

On the other side of Ty Gwyn Road there was no housing, just fields with a wire fence and a stile.  Ty Gwyn Road ended just above Cliffes and the bus from the town centre used to turn around there.  It seemed to Cathy that the mountain started just outside their house.


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