Our Projects

The main projects CoStar currently runs

“Without caring there can be no sense of community”


In order to achieve our vision of developing our Community and helping Individuals, CoStar runs a wide range of short and long term projects.

These are generally run from the Threepenny Bit Community Centre by our team with the vital support from our partners and volunteers.

Our building is also used daily by several of our partners and user groups to deliver their own services to the community. It also provides an ideal lo-cost venue for individuals and clubs etc. who want to hold birthday parties and events etc. 

Listed below are just some of the projects CoStar are currently running.

Community RePaint Scheme Torfaen – Mon, Tue, Wed & Thur 10:00am-2:00pm




Repaint Logo


CoStar is part of a National scheme to provide individuals, families and community groups with low-cost paint to improve their homes and premises  

A number of suppliers periodically provide CoStar with their surplus and unwanted paint which we store and then pass on to local individuals and families for a very small donation of £1.50 per litre.  

Our RePaint scheme is based at the CoStar building and is open to the public 10am-2pm Mon to Thurs


Community Food-Sharing Program – Collection times arranged with CoStar


CoStar runs a community food sharing program which acts as a crisis support service for individuals in specific postcode areas within Greenmeadow and St Dials. Based in the Threepenny Bit Community Centre its operates via a referral system from various agencies such as Job Centres, G.P surgeries and other Community Groups.

The Food-Sharing program provides a ‘supply bag’ of mainly non-perishable goods, along the same lines as our popular ‘Veg Box’ scheme, where people order in advance and are asked to make with a small donation towards the costs.


Fruit & Veg Box – Collection times arranged with CoStar

veg box 01


Every week CoStar provides great value bags of fresh fruit, salad and vegetables that can be ordered on Monday and then picked up from the Threepenny Bit later in the week.

Large bags cost just £4.00 and is designed to feed a family of four.

Small bags cost £2.50 and are suitable for 1-2 to people.





The CoStar allotment provides low-cost seasonal produce that is sold from the Threepenny Bit Centre and local events we attend.

We believe that increasing the amount of food grown locally is an important step in encouraging a healthy environmentally friendly food system.

We currently have two growing sites, one in Thornhill and another in Pontnewydd.


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