All Our Histories

50yrs of history of the Byways estate in their own words

The All our Histories project, funded by the Heritage Lottery, has been set up to capture the history of the local housing estate upon which our organisation is situated.  Known as the Byways Estate, it was built in the early 1960s to house the influx of families moving to Cwmbran at the time.  As a designated ‘new town’ Cwmbran grew rapidly and in the space of a few years went from being a small village to a bustling town.  

Our centre, The Threepenny Bit was also built at this time and became an important hub for community activities, such as keep fit, playgroup, wedding receptions and birthday parties.

Our project paints a picture of what life was like on the estate and captures the memories of the people who came to the area and formed the community within which CoStar operates today.

We would like to thank everyone who has given their time to the project including the Ancient Cwmbran Society who conducted all the interviews.


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 The Threepenny Bit Hall (c.1965 vs. 2014)

c.1965                                                                                                     2014

 Fairhill (c.1985 vs. 2014)

c.1985                                                                                                     2014

Stories from within the Community

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