CoStar's Allotment at Greenmeadow

Costar has recently taken on a new allotment plot at Greenmeadow in Cwmbran. Under the expert guidance of our Trustee Tom Matthews, who has managed allotments for many years, we have been busy clearing and planting.  We would like to thank our hardworking volunteers Richard Davies and Paul DeWarne who have given many hours of hard work to preparing the allotment ready for next years crops. These are some of photos we have taken of the preparation work.



Tom Matthews and CoStar manager Sue Baugh, discuss the layout of the allotment.


Paul De Warne pictured with eggs laid by the chickens on the allotment.

Richard Davies, one of our trustees, has been busy building raised beds for the polytunnel. These will be used to grow salad, cucumbers and tomatoes for use in our centre.

We recently had a huge quantity of manure delivered to our allotment.  Richard and Paul spent a happy morning shovelling it on site!  We are looking forward to growing lots of vegetables this summer!

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Richard Davies at the allotment







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