Memories of Greenmeadow

by Val Jones


Val moved to a brand new house at 25 Clyffes in June 1967 with her husband and daughter, Cathy.  Her younger daughter, Sue, was born while they lived there.  She remembers it was a nice house and that her daughters enjoyed sitting in front of the blow air heating system in the mornings.

There used to be monkey bars near the house, which the children enjoyed playing on, but which have since been taken down.

Cathy and Sue both went to Fairwater Junior School (where Val worked as a dinner lady for a while) and then Fairwater Comprehensive School, before going on to have their own families.  Cathy married an American airman and now lives in Virginia and Sue still lives in Cwmbran.

They enjoyed living on the estate and felt it was a good place for children to grow up, with plenty of greenery.  They have especially fond memories of the steamroller that the girls used to play on, and are keen to find out what happened to it.

The family moved to a different area of Cwmbran in May 1971.


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