Memories of Greenmeadow

by Louise Horton

Louise was born in 1973 and moved into 4 Littledene in 1974.  She remembers that she and her friends from the neighbouring houses were always playing on the street and in the woods and nearby fields.  She also remembers running up the mountain and rolling back down it!  One of the great things at that time was that there were hardly any cars.

When she was 18, Louise went to vote for the first time in the Threepenny Bit.

One event that Louise remembers is walking home as a teenager from Fairwater shops to find an armed policeman in the woods, which was very alarming!  When she got home, she learned that there was an armed siege taking place in The Twinings.  The police were stopping people leaving or entering their houses – they even stopped Louise’s father, Allan, going to work!  When the siege was brought to a peaceful conclusion, everybody on the estate went outside and cheered the police as they drove down the hill – everybody except Louise, who was still being kept safely in the house by her parents!

Louise and her family used to use Fairwater Leisure Centre a lot and really valued being able to go there to swim and take adult education classes.  They felt that the Centre catered for everyone of every age.

She left the estate in 1992 to go to St Martins Art College in London, when she was really keen to get out of Cwmbran and explore the wider world.

Louise now has a son and a daughter and her partner works at maintaining the TARDIS and keeping Dr Who’s sonic screwdriver working smoothly!

Louise had a brilliant childhood growing up on the estate.

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