Memories of Greenmeadow

by Janet Weaver

Janet was born in Garndiffaith in 1954. Her mam, Gwyneth Jenkins, who was Chairwoman of the Threepenny Bit committee for many, many years was also born in Garndiffaith and her dad was born in Blaenavon.

Because her dad had TB at the time she was born and her parents had to be quarantined from her, she was brought up by her Aunty Ann for the first 2 years of her life.

Her family moved into 15, The Twinings, in 1969. Since her mother was so involved in organising the community hall, Janet and her siblings, and later her children, got to go on trips all over the place. They went to Weston, Weymouth, up the Thames, Windsor Castle, West Midlands Safari Park… in fact, Janet remembers going on a trip to Alton Towers while she was expecting her second child! She remembers having fantastic times.

Janet remembers what a good mother Gwyneth was, always there for everybody, and how loving her mam and all her sisters were: “such loving people, you know, when they see you they kiss you and cwtch you”. However, while they were growing up, if they misbehaved her mam was likely to get out the Flatley stick…!

They used to go camping with her parents and her mam could always be relied on to bring everything except the kitchen sink.

When her mam became ill with Alzheimers, Janet worked hard to do what was best for her – among other things, she did research to find the best care home when it was no longer possible for Gwyneth to stay in her own home, visited her several times a week and took care that her laundry was always perfect.

Throughout all this, her employers were excellent, allowing her to have all the time off that she needed.

Now that the work involved in organising her mam’s funeral and being an Executor of her will is over, Jan is looking forward to visiting her daughter in Australia, who is expecting a baby in January.


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