Memories of Greenmeadow

by Glyn Hankins

Glyn was born in Blackwood in 1942. When he was 4, his family moved to Fleur de Lys, where his parents settled permanently. Glyn’s mother worked as a teacher – a job that she would not be allowed to carry on doing when she married… which may explain why her Silver Wedding Anniversary was only 3 months before her eldest child’s 25th birthday!

Since he passed his 11 plus in the top 30 in Monmouthshire, Glyn was able to go to Lewis’s School for Boys in Pengam, where he feels he got an excellent education. At that time, Glyn was a keen singer with a very fine voice, especially before his voice broke.

When he was 16, he got a job in a bank, and 3 years later he really started to see the world when he was sent to work in Bristol – one week he saw Cilla Black in concert on the Tuesday, The Beatles on the Thursday and then The Kinks and The Rolling Stones on the Saturday! This was quite a change of pace for him from having to be home by 10.30 every night and going to chapel (where the communion wine was Ribena) 3 times on a Sunday!

Glyn moved to 18 Gordings in 1986. He thought the house was very nice, it had large rooms and a downstairs toilet which he thought was a bit posh!

Glyn enjoyed attending the local pub, The Golden Harvest, for many years. He felt it was a real community pub where everyone from the community attended and there were never any serious disagreements. Regularly on Saturday night there was a disco, and the pub had its own football team ‘The Golden Harvest Football Team’, now called ‘Greenmeadow’, as well as being the base for the crib team that Glyn joined when he started going to the pub and is still a member of. After The Golden Harvest closed, the crib team were left without anywhere to meet, until Glyn got permission from the owner of The Tamarind to meet in there. Partly thanks to this, the crib team is still going strong – although it’s much smaller than it was during its heyday. The Golden Harvest had its 25th Anniversary in about 1997 but then closed about 10 years later. The building reopened as a Tesco several years after this.

Another community event which Glyn was involved with, along with other people who went to The Golden Harvest, was Greenmeadow Community Farm. In the early 80s, before Glyn moved to the area, there had been a public outcry when it had been announced that the farm was going to be sold for housing. Local people obtained European funding to save it and turn it into a Community Farm. For a while, Glyn and his friend Clive used to go down there on Sunday afternoons to play crib and run the bar.

Towards the end of his time in Gordings, Glyn experienced some anti-social behaviour due to his house being in a slightly secluded location where trouble makers would congregate. Sadly this caused Glyn to leave the area in the end.

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